Sugar Detox – day 15

So I don’t know what’s up with some of the images not loading correctly on my sidebar and throughout my blog – sorry about that. Until then, no new images! You’ll just have to use your imaginations…

Well, no surprise here… my usual banana chocolate peanut butter smoothie

Leftovers from yesterday’s brown rice with sausage/peppers/onions mix topped with avocado and dairy-free Caesar dressing; water

Brown rice crackers; water

More leftovers! Chocolate pancakes with peanut butter topping (Note to self: these aren’t as good reheated – save the rest for the kiddos!  At least they can have honey…)

I’m a bit paranoid because my skin is acting up.  Is it because I shouldn’t have had the potatoes in the shepherd’s pie?  Too much corn?  Maybe nothing food-related at all?  Am I stressed?!  I don’t know… I wish my body would just behave and realize I’m trying to do something good.  Can’t we all just get along?

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One thought on “Sugar Detox – day 15

  1. Conscientious Introvert says:

    Don’t you just wish your body would write out a list of exactly what it wants and what makes it act up? I know stress alone can do it for me, but I think it’s worth testing the food a few times. I’m not testing foods until 3 weeks from now, but I’m using an app called the Food Detective that records your heart beat before and after each meal in the meantime… we’ll see how that goes!

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