Sugar Detox – day 14

Hurrah, two whole weeks sugar-free!  And dairy-free and wheat-free and… let’s see, what else?  Chocolate-free (well, cocoa powder aside), pizza-free, dessert-free, emotional eating-free, fruit-free…

I do think part of it could by psychological because I know I’m doing something good for myself, but for the most part I’ve been feeling pretty good and more positive lately.  My skin looks better, I’m sleeping better (unless Addy comes upstairs and tries to get in bed with me *sigh*), and I’m not having as many break downs during the day.  Hehe.

banana chocolate peanut butter smoothie

I like to add some coconut milk to my smoothies for creaminess, but ran out before grocery-shopping day.  I did have some unsweetened coconut, however, and decided to whip up some homemade coconut milk.  There are a number of recipes, all with the same basic idea – soak coconut in water and blend, then strain out the coconut (which can be used to make coconut flour, macaroons, whatever).  I didn’t want to use hot water to blend my coconut, however, since it was going into a cold smoothie… so I soaked it overnight, figuring it would soften and blend nicely.  Nut milks are pretty much the same, and why not make a combination – coconut almond milk, anyone?

brown rice toasted in becon fat and cooked in chicken broth for part of the liquid; topped with sausage, peppers, onions, garlic scapes, and garlic cooked in ghee; Daddy and the kiddos got cheese on theirs while Mommy used avocado and a drizzle of dairy-free Caesar dressing; water

sliced almonds; tea; water

leftover turkey sweet potato shepherd’s pie with a drizzle of dairy-free Caesar

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4 thoughts on “Sugar Detox – day 14

    • Karla M Curry says:

      I struggle with my weight/appearance, so even though I’m hoping to lose weight, look better, and gain some self-confidence, I’m trying not to make that my main focus. I hadn’t weighed myself in a while before starting the detox, but I think I’ve lost a few pounds (my clothes fit better) and don’t feel as bloated. Even though I still find it hard to get out of bed some mornings, I’m not dragging myself into the kitchen, but looking forward to making healthy choices and seeing my progress.

      • sydpisano says:

        Thats amazing, good job! I also struggle with my appearance and found it helpful to stop weighing myself altogether (since that lead to many breakdowns.) Now I just focus on how I feel and look in my clothes which I realized has a much better affect on my body image problems.

        • Karla M Curry says:

          Totally agree! I think it can be good to weigh yourself occasionally, but if you’re basing everything on the number then that’s a problem. Much better to go by how your clothes fit and how you feel.

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