Sugar Detox – day 13

Almost two weeks sugar-free!  My food choices are pretty limited these days, but I’ve been trying to keep it interesting, and when I find something I like I make it again.  Normally when I make meals, I like to try a few new things a week – including desserts! – but that can be a lot of pressure!  Sometimes it’s best to “keep things simple, stupid” as Phil would say.

banana chocolate peanut butter smoothie

Paleo Breakfast Burrito with ham, eggs, garlic scapes, chard, and tomatoes sauteed in ghee; cucumber and radish slices; water

brown rice crackers

Turkey Shepherd’s Pie – Not sure where she got it, but I got this recipe from a friend.  I alter it a bit, especially today so I wouldn’t have dairy or too many white potatoes.  Basically, the meat mixture was onion, garlic, ground turkey, peas, and corn with salt and pepper and spices cooked in bacon fat and olive oil.  The mashed potato mixture I made in the crock pot with sweet potato, a couple kinds of white-flesh potatoes, carrots, garlic, chicken broth, ghee, salt, pepper, garlic powder, parsley, and some mayo for creaminess.  I drizzled a bit of dairy-free Caesar dressing in top, which added more creaminess, since I didn’t get cheese on top of mine.  I’m so happy I have leftovers for tomorrow!

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