Sugar Detox – day 10

Did you see the Pineapple Sorbet I made today?  I could have gladly eaten a whole bowl of it, but alas, I settled for a single spoonful so I could see how it turned out.  This is one of the first things on my list to make when I add some more fruits back in.  When the kiddos had a taste, Gwen said, “this is soooo good!” and “this is the best!”  Made me smile.  We talk all the time about how we make healthy treats at home… but they’re still that, treats.

chocolate banana peanut butter smoothie

My typical staple breakfast is pancakes.  I love pancakes, and I think they’re a great way to get in all the food groups… I’ve even made a mint chocolate chip version with spinach!  The recipe I use as a basis for most of my pancakes is actually a pumpkin chocolate chip waffle recipe that I’ve changed up here and there, usually using unsweetened applesauce or mashed banana instead of the pumpkin.  But I do love the pumpkin; it’s just that I typically eat that in the Fall.  I use different flours, spices, milk alternatives, and so forth…. *sigh*… I miss pancakes with maple syrup.  But my morning smoothie is really good.  Start the day with chocolate?  Heck yeah!

leftover (I love leftovers!) brown rice pasta with rainbow chard and chicken, heated in olive oil; water

[eaten while making dinner since I was famished] handful of peanuts; water

leftover rice with sauteed bacon, butternut squash, and brussels sprouts (I wish I had added sweet onion) and topped with avocado – kind of inspired by this bacon brussels hash; water

When Phil saw my dinner, which was different from what he and the kiddos had, he was like, “What is that girl?  Looks really good!”  I think he wouldn’t have minded sharing with me.  And his dinner even had cheese!

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