Sugar Detox – day 8

Monday morning.  Grocery-shopping day.  Our fridge wasn’t completely empty, but I had run out of quite a few things.  I didn’t have any almond milk for my morning smoothie, so last night I soaked some cashews to make cashew milk this morning.  I dumped the drained cashews in the blender with the rest of the ingredients… but when I finally tasted the result, I wasn’t very pleased.  I don’t know if it was just too thick, or luke-warm, or what… but I had about one-third of it before dumping the rest down the drain.  Good thing we still had eggs!

banana chocolate peanut butter smoothie – about 1/3 the usual amount; 2 scrambled eggs cooked in ghee with rainbow chard and chipotle hot sauce

Zesty Swordfish Kabobs
Zesty Swordfish Kabobs | credit:

Sweet Potato Pancakes (halved this recipe and used sweet potato instead of pumpkin; no sweetener)

brown rice thins (I’ll admit, I kept munching away on them); a few radishes (I’ve been craving their crunchy, peppery-ness… is that a word?); water

Zesty Swordfish Kabobs (the marinade does have orange juice and honey – which we got from our hive! – but since it’s such a small amount I considered it negligible); rice with chipotle hot sauce; broccoli with ghee and drizzled with dairy-free Caesar dressing; water

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