Sugar Detox – day 7 (and a happy father’s day)

Finally, a week of Rose Cole’s 21-Day Sugar Detox under my belt.  It feels good and seems easier once you’ve reached certain milestones.  Just make it through the first day… then the first week… and so forth.  There are always improvements I could make, but I’ve been eating quite a few vegetables, drinking more water, incorporating healthy fats, etc.  You know, I miss chocolate, and it’s hard to watch everyone else eat bread and pizza and cheese… but I especially miss fruit!   Going strawberry-picking, cutting up peaches and apples for the kiddos, making strawberry-rhubarb pie for Phil and watching the fam inhale it with fresh whipped cream… UGH!  Makes me resent the fact that my body doesn’t handle certain foods well.

First-time daddy | Nov 2007

banana chocolate peanut butter smoothie; one piece of sausage

salad with garden-fresh mixed greens, tomatoes, hard-boiled egg, grilled chicken, and dairy-free Caesar dressing


brown rice pasta with garden-fresh rainbow chard, olive oil, ghee, lemon verbena, parsley, garlic scapes, scallops, and shrimp

Holding tiny Gwen | Nov 2007

We were busy today with church nursery, picking fresh seafood from a local seafood market, hanging with Daddy (we had a “Toy Story” marathon), and of course making all of the meals (well, that was just me).  I’m feeling snacky now that dinner is over and everyone else had dessert… maybe I’ll whip up a small smoothie.  Happy Father’s Day to my honey and all of the other dads out there.

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