Sugar detox – day 6 (and a dance recital)

In all honesty, I was bitter today.  Bitter, I tell you. My legs are extremely sore from basically one hour of non-stop squats white strawberry-picking yesterday, so it hurts to stand, climb, sit, lay down… do anything, really.  Secondly, I was trying to look nice for Gwen’s dance recital today and my clothes seemed to be even tighter than before.  How is this fair?  Why bother giving up potentially bad but oh-so-yummy-tasting food if it’s not going to make a difference?

banana chocolate peanut butter smoothie (check out an earlier detox day for ingredients; it’s my usual)

I’m very proud of Gwen and all that she has accomplished this year in dance class.  Since she showed specific interest and asked to go, we decided to sign her up last Fall.  It was an investment, to say the least, and I think it has helped her confidence.  Phil mentioned today and I have to agree, she didn’t complain once about having to go to class every week, always seeming to look forward to it.  She didn’t practice a lot at home, but she does have plenty of other interests.  She had a Christmas recital last year and another one today to end the year.  She wasn’t as nervous this time around and didn’t hold onto my arm as I led her backstage to the rest of her class.  My little girl is growing up!

While it was fun to watch all of the different age groups perform their numbers, we were at the recital during lunchtime for a few hours.  Being an introvert – an INFJ, at that – social situations can really wear me out.  Coupled with getting low blood-sugar when I haven’t eaten for a while (and an antsy Addy), let’s just say that I wasn’t feeling very well by the end of the afternoon!  We stopped at a brick oven pizzeria on the way home, and the tears started rolling as I realized that I couldn’t have anything on the menu… and all I wanted was some brick oven pizza!  I ended up ordering a salad, but I’m still not sure it was 100% kosher.

mixed greens salad with steak, balsamic onions, and herbed vinaigrette

Tried to take a nap when I got home. Hard to do when you have a splitting headache and one of your kids is tap-dancing in the wood floors.  Finally got up to make some dinner for the fam.  Almost settled for another smoothie, but the blender was in the dishwasher!

leftover fajita chicken on brown rice, topped with a hard-boiled egg and half an avocado; snacked on some peanuts

I still need to make a pie for tomorrow!  I helped the kiddos put together a little booklet for Daddy for Father’s Day, but other than that – his new truck and all the accessories are his gift.  For a few years.

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