Sugar Detox – day 5 (and strawberry-picking)

We didn’t have a whole lot of time this morning, so after giving the kids cereal with banana, homemade sunbutter, honey, and almond milk, I made myself a smoothie.  I used to hate the idea of a smoothie every day because I like to chew my food and feel like I’ve eaten something, but having a smoothie every day during The Virgin Diet really grew on me for its ease, simplicity, and health benefits.

banana chocolate peanut butter smoothie – 2c liquid (mix of coconut almond milk, and cold-brew coffee), 1T chia seed, 1T flaxseed meal, 2T dark cocoa powder, frozen green banana slices, 2-3T natural peanut butter, liquid stevia, a handful of garden spinach

After eating breakfast and packing up, we headed to Jaswell’s Farm for strawberry-picking with friends.  It was fun!  I’m glad we got a bit of an early start, because even though the day started out overcast and cool, the sun came out from behind the clouds and really heated things up.  We were getting hot and sweaty out in the strawberry fields!  And we had three big containers to fill to the tippity top.  I just realized I ate one strawberry, even though I’m not supposed to have fruit, but it was just a “little baby one” (as Addy would say), and I had to test it for quality. *grin*

We guzzled water while we picked, and afterwards checked out the farm store, where we got apple cider for Daddy – and maybe for this crockpot cranberry butter, which I’ve had pinned for a while now – more green bananas for my smoothies, grape tomatoes (which Addy snuck into the basket), and radishes (because ours didn’t grow well this year).  I packed some snacks into a cooler just in case, so we broke those out while the ladies chatted.

brown rice thins, black olives, orange pepper strips; water with lemon

We were all pooped afterwards, and I didn’t really feel like making a big lunch, so had smoothies!  Theirs were different than mine, however.  No complaining from the peanut gallery!

banana chocolate peanut butter smoothie – Pretty much the same as I’ve been having it, except that I used a bit of coconut milk and added a fresh egg for richness and protein, and it was sooooo delicious.

Brussels Sprouts Hash

I spent the rest of the afternoon washing and cutting and prepping our bounty of berries. Six cups went towards homemade strawberry shortcake (for everyone but me!), five cups went towards some truly sugar-free strawberry jam (I had to add chia seed to thicken it), four cups (along with the same amount of rhubarb) set aside for Daddy’s strawberry-rhubarb pie… which leaves a big bowl for snacking or freezing or whatever.  I can’t wait till these strawberries are from our own garden!

brussels sprouts and bacon “hash”, inspired by this (but without the egg); munched on a few radishes; water with lemon

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