Sugar Detox – day 2

Yesterday I began a 21-day sugar detox, though if I see results and feel better I will try to keep it up for longer.  It helps to have a goal in mind, an end date, to make it more tangible and realistic.

Todays’s meals…

salmon scrambled eggs

Salmon Scrambled Eggs | credit:

salmon scrambled eggs altered slightly and without the cheese (made the whole recipe, ate half, will have the other half tomorrow); Blueberry Slim Life green tea

banana chocolate peanut butter smoothie – made with 2c liquid (I like to do a mix of full-fat coconut milk, almond milk, and cold-brew coffee), 1T chia seed, 1T flaxseed meal, 2T dark cocoa powder, frozen green banana slices, 2-3T natural peanut butter, liquid stevia, a couple pieces of red lettuce from our garden

handful of brown rice thins; water & tea

1 1/2 burgers with sauteed sweet onion and garlic scapes; Mexican street corn salad (altered a bit and minus the cheese); garden lettuce and tomato simple salad with dairy-free Ceasar dressing; hankering for some sort of dessert and luckily I made carrot pumpkin spice muffins (used sweet potato instead of pumpkin & added walnuts)

If I publish this now will it prevent late-night snacking??  Here’s to hoping…

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