21-Day Sugar Detox

I gather there is a well-know program called the 21-Day Sugar Detox.  This isn’t that, but I’m sure there are similar elements, since it’s about weaning your body off sugar and its harmful effects.

After doing The Virgin Diet for three plus months over the holidays, I slowly started adding “regular” foods back in.  I only lost five pounds in that whole time, and didn’t feel spectacularly better, like I thought I would.  Initially I felt positive, because I knew I was doing something good for myself, but that excitement waned.  I felt let down, so didn’t have a whole lot of motivation to continue cutting out eggs, dairy, peanut butter, soy, corn, gluten, and sugar.  Man, it may be more natural eating that way, but it’s challenging!

One of the things that has been starring in more of our meals these days is wheat, in some form or another – english muffins, tortillas, bread, pasta, etc.  I opt for whole grains, but grains nonetheless.  Now, I’ve read Wheat Belly (or, rather, listened to it on audio CD) and tried cutting wheat out for a while, but when that didn’t seem to help either, I figured, why bother?  It’s too hard!

Well, the weight has been creeping back on, much to my chagrin.  I firmly believe food behaves a certain way in my body and causes some sort of hormonal reaction to cause me to gain weight – insulin resistance, perhaps?  In any case, I don’t know how else to combat the problem since I’ve tried so many things, but I do believe sugar to be the biggest culprit.  Even though we don’t use refined sugars, use less in recipes, have healthy treats, it’s still sugar nonetheless.

So, a sugar detox.  I’m doing Rose Cole’s 21-Day Sugar Detox, which I’ve actually had saved for a while now, having found it while browsing for such a program.  One of the big drawbacks for me is the fact that virtually no fruit is allowed, which basically nixes my daily smoothie.  Bummer!  I’ve decided to allow green bananas, which don’t have as much sugar as ripe ones, so I can still make a chocolate peanut butter smoothie here and there.

Many of the recipes on my Pinterest boards would be appropriate for this way of eating, but I decided to create a board specifically for accumulating sugar detox ideas.  Please share if you have any favorites!  I figured I would share some of my own meals during the day, as a way to keep myself accountable, and in case it can encourage someone else.

Here’s my lineup from yesterday…

spaghetti squash bolognese

credit: balancedbites.com

3 eggs scrambled with tomatoes, green onions, olive oil, spices, and topped with chipotle hot sauce (I love that stuff); 3 pieces of bacon; cold-brewed iced coffee with stevia and almond milk

Big Ass Pancake with homemade sunbutter; water with lemon

handful of gluten-free Rice Thins

Spaghetti Squash Bolognese; water with lemon

handful of roasted peanuts; water with lemon