Reusable Produce Bags

I suppose I could have shared this project in my last post about bags and purses, but I completely forgot about them.  I’ve made produce bags in the past but recently stumbled upon another style that I thought would be the perfect birthday gift for my mom.  It’s a great way to use up fabric scraps too.

My parents traveled to Europe recently and left on my mom’s birthday, so I gave these to her ahead of time, packaged with some treats.  My mom said they would be handy for packing her things, too.

When she actually used them for fruits and veggies, part of the mesh in one of the bags ripped, but she said she had put something prickly in there.  So… if you decide to make them yourself, I’d say look for a sturdy mesh and/or be careful what you put inside.  Some things – like melons or other large produce – I don’t bother putting in bags.  With my own bags, I often keep the produce in them once I get home, so I should really make more so I have extra.

To make these, I used The Hobby Room Diaries’ tutorial, though instead of making a buttonhole for the ribbon casing I used some small metal grommets I already had on hand.

Seeing the netting is making me think of another project I have pinned – a shell-collecting bag that would be great for Summer.

2 thoughts on “Reusable Produce Bags

  1. hey lady… are you selling these on your etsy shop?can i have your etsy shop name again?  i can’t find it on your blog:)you are rocking it … always keeping crafty and busy … today was our last day of school – yippee!   LOVE & LAUGHTER!         Kimberly Mendes      401.965.8338             organic laundry + skin care for eczema & sensitive skin GET NUTTY WITH US ON . . . Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, Twitter, WordPressBlog   

    1. Hi Kim! No, I’m not currently selling anything in my Etsy shop. I don’t have a) the time to make extra stock to list or write item descriptions, or b) money to afford the listings. Arrgh! I’m basically just making things as Mills Creek and Tula Tinkers needs them – or if I’m making for an occasion, like a birthday. The produce bags haven’t been on my inventory list anyway – just made them for myself and my mom – but maybe I’ll consider it. I’ll let you know if I list anything!

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