must-have cookbooks: a sneak peak

Remember when I raved over and reviewed the Blissful Bites cookbook? Well, I’m delighted to have another chance to share some more recipes from the BenBella Vegan selection of cookbooks.

The Best Green Smoothies on the PlanetIn addition to Blissful Bites, Some of the cookbooks I’ve had the joy of looking through:

The Best Green Smoothies on the Planet, by Tracy Russell – This title came at the perfect time, since my mom and I were doing The Virgin Diet together and I was having a protein smoothie every morning.  I haven’t been buying lots of specialty ingredients, but I’ve tried to continue having at least one smoothie a day.

The PlantPure Nation, by Kim Campbell – This one is great because it has vegetarian takes on classics and it takes an uncomplicated approach to a way of eating that can sometimes be confusing and overwhelming.  Even if you’re not strictly vegan or vegetarian, it’s nice to have variety in your diet and try some new things.  Like bulgar?  I think I’ve cooked with it maybe twice in my life.  And that’s because someone gave me the bulgar to begin with!

Love Fed, by Christina Ross – Okay, this one is my favorite so far, hands down.  Maybe unfortunately so… because it’s chock full of desserts!  Yum-o.  It’s a good thing I don’t always have her ingredient list on hand, because I would be trying a few new recipes a week!

Love FedThere are so many yummy choices that I could share with you, and I’m leaning towards something cold and fruity, since that’s what the kids and I have been craving these days.  So be on the lookout; I’ll be sharing more of these fabulous cookbooks and recipes with you soon.

In the meantime, check out the BenBella website.  I just downloaded a yummy recipe I’ll be trying very soon.  I’ve got to pace myself; I’m already finding it impossible to lose weight after baby number three!  Le sigh.