Now that it’s Summer (and the big kiddos are out of the house and the littlest kiddo is napping…) I finally have some time to sit down for a bit of an update!

It only took me, let’s see… three months?… to finish up a wholesale order that the lovely Kate Bussey purchased to stock her wonderful little store in Charlestown.  I made some purses, car carriers, crayon rolls, and rainbow wands.  Fingers crosses that they’ll do well!

We’ve passed Mills Creek Natural Market a few times before but never stopped.  In fact, when we drove there the other day I specifically remember telling Phil that I wanted to stop sometime and walk around the area!  Kate’s house is right next to the shop and her son was kind enough to bring us into their back yard to meet their three goats.  They were so sweet, and since we’ve been thinking of getting dairy goats it was nice to see how good-natured they were.  FYI the goats come from Silk Tree Farms, which also sells soap at the store and at various local farmers’ markets.

Kate’s shop is right up my alley. It’s very similar to Tula Tinkers in that it caters to local, small-business, handmade, one-of-a-kind items.  But it has its own eclectic array of items, so much fun to poke around!  I wish I had taken some pictures, but there are a bunch of photos on their facebook page.

There were some beautiful carved, wood-burned combs and I really want to get one for Addy.  I pointed out some whimsical gnomes and little rock houses to Gwen; they would look so cute in a fairy garden!  For the life of me I can’t figure out why taking care of air plants is so hard for me, but there were some hanging sea urchins with air plants inside – so pretty!  The 3-dimensional stained glass stars were gorgeous; keeping them in mind for gifts.  Actually, I think I could find something for everyone in there!  I picked up some local honey, which always seems to be on my grocery list (if I didn’t already have a honey stick I would have been all over that).

Yes… I did say we’re thinking of getting goats.  Isn’t it enough that we keep bees?!  We’ve slowly been turning our yard into land that will be more self-sustaining and we keep thinking of ways to improve upon what we’ve already done.  This year we added raised beds to our garden, fruit trees, and bee-friendly flowers.  We’ve talked about the idea of getting chickens, but we’re not too crazy about having their poop all over the yard, so we’ll stick with getting fresh eggs from our neighbors.

I’m hoping that, eventually, we’ll be able to do most of our shopping at the farmers’ market – or through other local sources – and that I won’t have to step foot in a grocery store (is that realistic?).  Next on our list is purchasing meat in bulk from a local farm that raises grass-fed beef.  Perhaps we’ll supplement our veggies through a CSA program?

It’s always been hard for me to lose weight, but it seems like after having Adeline, it’s been harder than ever.  I tried intermittent fasting, exercising every day, cutting things from my diet, and the scale just isn’t budging.  Even if I’m not losing weight, I feel that I must be healthy, since we keep making healthy food choices.  More and more I’ve been leaning towards a paleo way of eating; not to be trendy or eat like cavemen, but because it seems natural.  Recently I read Sexy by Nature and I really appreciated some of the insights author Stefani Ruper had in her argument for the paleo “diet.”  Buying quality meats, fresh eggs, making my own full-fat yogurt and buttermilk and sour cream, growing fresh produce…  it feels so good when we’re able to make these kinds of choices for our family.  We haven’t been able to do it all at once but, little by little, we’re making a difference.


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  1. Heidi says:

    Karla, I love all the things you are doing to live naturally. We are doing our best, too, but live vicariously through you in many ways. I must tell you that I absolutely love the little purses you make. I would love to buy one from you. It would be perfect for running errands, to hold the essentials, thrown into my larger tote bag. How much would it cost to make a custom one? No hurry, if you like to make a few at a time. I love the ones with green and dark pink, and I also enjoy touches of brown and blue. :)Heidi

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