Mary Mary Quite Contrary…

We’re so excited about the changes to our yard/garden/homestead this year!  A little pictorial:

Last year we had eight raised beds.  This year we’ve adding three more to accomodate more of the same veggies as well as some newcomers (spaghetti squash, radishes, watermelon, pumpkins).  It would be an even twelve except for the fact that, come camping season, we’ll need to be able to back the camper onto the grass and empty the black water tank’s contents into the septic tank.  Don’t want to mess with that!

Last year we planted four varieties of raspberry bushes and Phil built a beautiful trellis to support them as they grow.

I can’t wait to see which flowers bloom in our side yard!  This is where we’ve been throwing bulbs, plants we’ve uprooted while changing around other parts of the yard, etc.  Just before my grandparents’ house was sold last year we transplanted a whole bunch of wildflowers from my grandmother’s garden and it will be neat to see them bloom in their new home.  Sadly, my grandfather’s concord grapes didn’t root, but we hope to get some down the line.

Another experiment this year (although in the picture the cages are empty): potato towers.  This will free up one of the beds for other produce and will be neat if it actually works.

We have been awaiting the arrival of Spring expressly for the purpose of finally buying our fruit trees!  Well, that and the warmer weather.  Last year we asked one of the farmers’ market sellers that we frequent where she buys her trees and shrubs.  She told us about Roseland Nurseries in Acushnet, MA, where we scored on both price and quality of our fruit trees (and bushes – the aforementioned raspberries and newly-acquired blueberries).

When we checked them out last year we took a couple hours to walk around, check out their gorgeous selection, and myself drool over the beautiful roses.  I hope to eventually add a couple rose bushes near our front door.

And tomorrow is the Big Day, one we are both excited and a little nervous about: Bee Day!  Gwen and Josiah already announced that they will need to wear yellow and black for the occasion.  We’ve been talking about the idea of getting honey bees for a while now, finally placing an order for two packages earlier this year.  Phil picks them up after he gets off work in the morning, and we’re wondering how their move into the new hives will fare.  Phil built two beautiful top bar hives and we helped him decorate them.  They will do wonders for our garden and I can’t wait to start getting honey!

We have so many dreams and ideas for our little patch of earth and, slowly but surely, they are coming to fruition. We’ve talked about raising chickens and goats, and if it weren’t for the fact that we like to go camping during the warmer months, we might have a chicken coop in the yard.  Lucky for us, we have friends nearby who DO have chickens and are generous with their fresh eggs.

I’d love to hear what’s going on in your yard this year.

*Check out my gardening Pinterest board for inspiration.