Peg People, Paper Hearts, & Pie

February. Really?  I know it’s trite… but where does the time go?

I’m up watching the Olympics and old episodes of Medium.  Normally I do something productive while essentially wasting time, but that pile of laundry isn’t exactly calling my name.

Up until recently I was burning the midnight oil by sitting at the sewing machine with some project or another.  I had just finished an inventory order for Small Circle when we got the terrible news that they would be closing their doors for good.  We’re kind of still processing the loss of this wonderful endeavor with some equally wonderful people and hope another door will open in the future.

Though it might not make me any money, there are no shortage of projects around here.  There’s always something on my to-make list!  Gwen loves to read and has admitted on occasion that she reads in her bed if she can’t sleep.  For a while I’ve wanted to make a book sling to hang next to her bed and I finally chose a bright, cheerful fabric and found suitable hardware for Phil to help me finish the job.  I love how it turned out!

In the past I’ve played around with wooden peg dolls and had different variations in mind.  I finally decided to whip up some gnomes with felt accoutrements for the kiddos’ Valentine mailboxes and their friends’ goody bags.  They are so whimsical and I hope they inspire hours of imaginative play!  Thanks to Wee Folk Art for the inspiration and patterns.  I used a mix of wool blend felt from BenzieDesign on Etsy and an assortment of your run-of-the-mill craft felt on these little guys.  I also played around with ideas for little pouches to put them in – something like a sleeping bag, a leaf, a little purse or pouch, even a house… so many ideas!  Since they are for Valentine’s Day, I wanted to somehow incorporate a heart.  I got the idea to weave a Danish heart from felt and then attach a handle so it could be carried around, like a little purse.

I can’t wait to see the kiddos’ faces when they open them!  I even made one for Addy!  She caught a glimpse of one I made and flashed a huge grin and grabbed for the cute little gnome hat.  I found her a pink mailbox in the Target dollar section and personalized it just for her.

In the same Waldorf-inspired vein, my sister-in-law asked for a baby shower gift and I thought of some more natural options.  She loved the teether toys I made while trying to figure out what to make Addy for Christmas, then thought it would be neat to give some wooden blocks.  I made my first lined drawstring bag with gusseted corners (mostly using this tutorial, I think) and filled them with blocks that were sealed with beeswax polish.

Can you believe Addy’s first birthday is just around the corner?  Almost every day I lament the passing of time!  She has caught on to a few simple ASL signs – milk, more, please, even cheese!  It’s amazing how babies understand so much and will communicate if given the chance.  She recently started pointing and does so all the time, has started imitating things like reading aloud from books and talking on a phone.  

Since she was born shortly after Valentine’s Day I’m thinking hearts are in order, but I’m keeping it very simple.  I want to make a heart-shaped cake using a recipe for chocolate beet cake and covered with paleo frosting (maybe with a bit of cream cheese thrown in there).  Not a lot of extras and our Valentine’s Day decorations are all she’s getting.

Tonight I’m going to make a trail of paper hearts leading to the kitchen table where I’ll put the kiddos’ gifts and sometime before bed I’m going to make a dessert for tomorrow: strawberry cream pie with grain-free crust.  Growing up, my mom always made me feel special on Valentine’s day with a goody bag of things just for me, and I want to do the same for my children.

*For more ideas and inspiration see my Valentine’s Day Pinterest board.