In which I sum up the past couple of months

Long time no see! As usual, I’ve been busy, even with a self-imposed blogging hiatus.  For homeschool I’m trying to maintain a balance of learning through play and sticking to my book list, not being too militant when I don’t get something crossed off my list for the day.  We’ve been working our way through some FIAR titles, including The Salamander Room, Henry the Castaway, Amber on the Mountain, Daniel’s Duck, The Pumpkin Runner, and this week The Hickory Chair (that last one made me cry!).

Last month for my birthday I crossed something off my bucket list – flying to Florida!  By myself.  With Adeline.  My twin brother and his wife live there – right near the beach – and we had a lot of fun, over with way too quickly.  Some of my family members conspired against… er, “surprised” me by funding a trip to Disney (Magic Kingdom and Epcot, as well as Seaworld), and since that’s my sister-in-law’s favorite place on earth, they were thrilled to take me.

In my “spare time” I’ve been working here and there on sewing projects – both some oldies but goodies as well as trying a few new things.  For a baby shower, I whipped up some embellished burp cloths, a necktie onesie, bandana-style bib and a fabric nursing/teething necklace.

I got a jump on making Christmas and birthday gifts so I wouldn’t be rushing, working on some requests for one of my cousins and a few for my own kiddos.  A fabric doll for a special little girl, some clothespin aprons (I love the color combinations, for two women who like warm colors), birthday crowns for Gwen and Josiah, and a car carrier for Josiah’s stocking.  Not pictured are some crayon rolls, sachets, cup cozies and a couple other things.

Well, there’s laundry to fold, lunch to make, other projects on my list, and I’m still in my pjs.