Twelve Years of Karla

Phil and I got married the same week as 9/11.  It felt weird to get on with life so quickly, to do something so normal and happy in the aftermath.  At our wedding reception my mom planned something special for my grandparents’ 60th wedding anniversary, who got married the same year as Pearl Harbor.  I suppose if you live long enough – especially nowadays – something is bound to be going on in the world as you’re living your life.

Somewhere along the line twelve years slipped by.  Some things have changed, some remain inevitably the same.  We are blessed with such a wonderful family, and despite the fact that they drive me crazy most days, I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Phil was saying a mealtime prayer on our anniversary; he somehow lost his thought and came out with “thank you for twelve years of Karla.”  I couldn’t help it, I started chuckling.  It sounded like something ominous, like “the Plague” or “the Reckoning” or something.  It’s just one in a long line or minor slip-of-the-tongues… like when he said, “I love you, right?”  We say that all the time now.

I didn’t want to do anything fancy for our anniversary, just wanted to spend time with my honey and take advantage of the nice weather.  After church, we ate a picnic near the water in Wickford.  We dropped the big kiddos off at my parents’ then went for a drive, ending up at Barden Family Orchard, eating and picking apples.  We had been there a couple times before, the first when I was pregnant with Josiah.  Adeline was particularly enthusiastic about the apples.

We’ve been trying to keep track of some of the apple varieties to figure out what kind of apple trees we’re going to get next year.  Yup… we’re expanding the yard into fruit trees – I’m so excited!  We’ve already planted raspberry bushes and have plans for blueberries.  And I haven’t even gotten to the honeybees!  But I digress…

For dinner, we went to “our place,” Arturo Joe’s, where we almost always go for our anniversary or Valentine’s Day.  We often try something new for dinner, but our favorite appetizer is the Traditional Calamari – yum!

I can’t believe how fast time is flying.  Gwen is five going on sixteen, I have to remind myself that Josiah is just a little boy when his boundless energy gets the better of me, and Adeline is in the midst of cutting two teeth and on the cusp of crawling – and she’ll be seven months tomorrow!  Good thing I’m so busy, otherwise I’d just sit down, pour over photos from years gone by and have a good cry.  I can be sappy like that.

Here’s to many more “years of Karla”!