Back in the Swing of Things

I told myself we would be consistent with some sort of school over the Summer, at least finishing up with the pile of workbooks so we could start fresh with crisp, unblemished ones this year.

Like many good intentions, this fell by the wayside.  But that’s okay, because our time was spent in other, just-as-valuable ways.

Unless I have a sudden burst of energy and extra time on my hands (HA!), I won’t be doing our weekly homeschool posts like I started with last year.  I loved doing it, and I loved having the visual of our week, but it was getting stressful keeping up with it.  Even with that off my to-do list there’s still not enough time in the day!

This year I’m once again doing my version of Five in a Row, continuing with the book titles from volumes three and four.  I tried to put the stories in some sort of order, either according to season, holiday, special interest, whatever.  For instance, we’ll be going to Deerfield Fair in New Hampshire at the end of this month, so I planned Daniel’s Duck (in which he goes to a county fair) to coincide with the trip.

Even though I won’t have regular posts, you can see lots of ideas and inspiration by browsing my Five in a Row Pinterest board,  including the ones I created for volumes three and four.  These will include many more links as I search for supporting resources throughout the year, but feel free to contact me if you have any questions or observations as I love to brainstorm and connect with other homeschool mamas.

Since I don’t like writing blog posts without pictures (hehe), here are some projects that have been keeping me busy.  There are always more in the wings – birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, a few little things for Adeline… it’s never ending!

My sister-in-law sent the kiddos a wonderful selection of shells from Pompano Beach which is basically in her Florida backyard.  I had just seen this lovely idea for shell wall blocks on Enjoying The Small Things and knew I had to try it.  Love ’em!

Another sister-in-law mentioned at one point that she would love a set of unpaper towels.  Her birthday was last month and I decided to whip up a set for her.  She loves Autumn-y colors, so I chose two fabrics accordingly, one in flannel and one in cotton print.  The reverse side is brown terry cloth; I figured a darker color would hide stains.  Apparently once she posted a picture of her gift on facebook, the potential orders started rolling in, but I haven’t made any more!  One of my inspirations was from mamamade on Etsy, but there are lots of unpaper towels to be had.

Well, Addy is awake from her nap and the big kiddos are done painting pictures (and I’m sure there’s a mess to be cleaned).


One thought on “Back in the Swing of Things

  1. Heidi says:

    Karla, I’d seen your pin of the unpaper towels and was going to ask you if you’d made any. I LOVE them! We use cloth napkins, towels and washcloth for just about everything, but when I have babysitters or family over, they aren’t sure what to do without a paper towel. I love this idea of having them in paper towel form, so that it is obvious. If you do decide to make some more, I would love to order a set from you. I would even order a set for each of my sister and moms…just give me a price point…when you have the desire to start on a new project, of course. :)

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