Upcycled Longies for Addy

It’s amazing how each of my children have grown into their names, along with their many permutations and nicknames.  Adeline quickly turned into “Addy,” which became a springboard for “Fussy Addy,” “Silly Addy,” “Grabby Addy,” “Saddy Addy,” basically rhyming it with everything (adding a “Y” if necessary).  She has definitely found her niche within our family; I can’t imagine life without her.

Back before she was born I upcycled some wool sweaters into newborn soakers and a pair of longies.  She got a lot of use out of those, and while the soakers are now too small, she can still wear the longies.  I had a bunch of the grey sweater material left over and felted it a bit more in a hot wash so it would be thicker and more leak-proof.  Then I cut and pinned some pattern pieces… which sat for a while.

Finally, after crossing some other projects off my list, I sewed the longies.  I even added hearts to the lower leg and smack dab in the middle of her bum – so cute!

These are super-easy to make and would be cute in any material for a simple pair of baby pants.  Oh, the possibilites…