My Parents’ 40th Anniversary

Last month my parents celebrated their 40th anniversary.  The sibs had contemplated doing something special for them but when we finally started discussing it we didn’t have time to pull off anything big.  Just as well – we don’t have the money and I’m sure my parents preferred something small and family-oriented.

I still wanted their day to be special so I scoured the web for ideas.  Their anniversary fell on the same day as Father’s Day so we were able to combine the two.  My mom already planned on going out to eat so we surprised them with some special touches.

In case you didn’t know, the 40th anniversary is symbolized with rubies.  I wanted to incorporate the color red somehow and started with my sister-in-law’s suggestion of getting a corsage for my mother.  Her favorite flower is the carnation, and since that’s a rather ordinary flower, I added some beautiful ranunculus blooms to the arrangement.  My dad got a simple red carnation boutonniere.  I had considered making my own corsage since it seems relatively easy but didn’t have all the supplies on hand.

Not all were able to participate, but I thought it was great, inexpensive idea for each of us to bring something red to give as a gift.  I gave some simple suggestions: pasta with a jar of red sauce, a fresh fruit basket with a jar of hot fudge sauce and whipped cream, red wine, etc.  I ended up making a batch of chocolate-covered strawberries, some of them decorated to look like brides and grooms – they were adorable!

My sister got some yummy desserts from Pastiche, a local bakery for whom she revamped their website into awesomeness.  One of her choices were the eclairs, one of my dad’s favorites.  The other was the butterscotch crumbcakes, and can I just say – YUM!

They were delightfully surprised and the little touches were very special.


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  1. Heidi says:

    The corsage is beautiful and the strawberries are adorable! You definitely have the flair for detail! Your parents are blessed to have such loving children. :)Heidi

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