People are always asking me of Adeline, “Is she always this easy-going?”  And the truth is, yes – she’s a very easy-going, smiley baby.  I do give them the fine print that, being a baby, she is known to cry on occasion; don’t want them to be surprised that she’s not a perfect angel like my other two children (riiiiight).

We had just come back from camping in CT when Adeline turned four months and I totally forgot to take the Official Photos – I was so bummed!  But I’ve been getting enough pictures in-between.

Adeline smiling (we call her “Smiley Addy” and other permutations on a regular basis), with Aunt Jenn in the kiddie pool, oh look – smiling again (while strawberry picking at Schartner’s), Daddy and Addy, sucking on fruit (we’re basically doing baby led weaning; I’m not gonna go crazy with homemade baby food), Adeline smiling with Pepe, smiling in her crib (now in Gwen’s room!), playing with Josiah.

I’ve really enjoyed having a baby in the house again.  My baby.  I’ve told a number of people I wish I could always have a baby but not have more kids!  Mama friends especially like to ask me how it’s going, how I’m handling being the Mother of Three.  Of course, ask me on a different day and you might get a different answer!  But the short of it is – Adeline seems to be the easiest baby, but going from two kids to three has probably been the most challenging.

As Phil likes to say, even when Adeline was still a twinkle in our eyes, “I only have two hands – what would I do with three?”  We are outnumbered.  It takes a bit more time to do things – errands, meals, starting our day, ending our day, everything inbetween.

There are so many moments when I have to keep it in perspective, if only to remind myself that I prayed for these children.  They beat the odds and I know God has wonderful things on store for them.

We (finally) finished up our homeschool year with Mirette on the High Wire and a trip the Big Apple Circus with friends.  What fun!

I still have a lot on my to-do list, but not having to plan weekly lessons has taken some of the pressure off.  Now I can focus on sewing projects and rocking Adeline just a little bit longer before putting her in her crib.  They grow so fast…


4 thoughts on “Outnumbered

  1. meandtheestudios says:

    I’m the Mama of 3 older children (17, 11, and 7) and I completely relate to wanting another baby but maybe not more kids :) After 17 years teaching public school, I’m beginning my home school journey in just a few short weeks with my two youngest. I’ll also have a collection of faith-based leveled readers available in the Spring. I’d love to introduce you to the collection at meandtheestudios.com :)

  2. karlamcurry says:

    Hi Marea,
    Thanks so much for sharing! I always find it interesting when parents in the school system decide to take another route with their children. Is your decision mostly faith-based, are you disappointed with the educational system… ? I look forward to reading about your products and following your blog!

  3. Heidi says:

    Thanks so much for your musings and the photos of the kids. They are each beautiful individuals and are growing up so fast! I, too, loved having babies and now try to hold any baby that comes my way, just to get my “baby fix”! None of my babies were “easy”, but if they had been quieter, I would have had less opportunity to interact with them. I figured each opportunity to feed, change, rock a baby was a chance to bond with them. And, the bonding continues…whether mom is feeling patient that day or not :). Blessings on you and your family! It is fun to share the journey together. :)Heidi

    • karlamcurry says:

      So true Heidi! Way to keep it in perspective. While Adeline is relatively easy, she’s a “cuddlebug,” as someone dubbed her, liking to be held and constantly around her people. There are times when I just want to get dinner going already, but I try to make sure she’s in the same room with me or that I pick her up and carry her much of the time. This can get tiring, but it gives me a lot of time with her which may otherwise be spent on the bigger kiddos (or doing something else entirely). You skipped #3 entirely; twins are a whole different ball game!

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