Sweet Adeline

My mother-in-law was all excited that there was a song with our baby girl’s name in it, “Sweet Adeline.”  Phil and I insisted that she must be mistaken – It’s Sweet Caroline, we told her.  And I do find myself singing that song to her every now and then!  A bit of googling, however, uncovered the fact that there is indeed a barbershop song by that name from the early 1900s.  A number of people have sung the song since then; here’s a version sung by Phish in the 90s.

Anyhoo, today I’m without the big kiddos and decided to set up some props and take some pics of Adeline. Man, those professional portraits make it look so easy!  Babies are so floppy, and while they’re relatively easy to position, mine kept clenching her fists and I couldn’t keep her upright.  I got some cute shots, though.  Here are some favorites:

I can’t believe she’s already one week old! I’m not sure if I’ll write a birth story this time around, but suffice to say that while the labor and delivery went smoothly, I had a bad experience during my hospital stay.

Though Adeline was alert, nursed well and had excellent color, we discovered she had jaundice – just like Josiah did when he was born.  We were led to believe her condition was serious and had some follow-up blood tests after leaving the hospital, but she’s just fine – thank goodness!

Trying to decide how I want to document her first year’s growth.  I have a couple ideas pinned, like using the same pair of pjs or using a laundry basket as a prop.  I’m also thinking of propping her up with the woodland bunny I bought just for her.  Any ideas?


One thought on “Sweet Adeline

  1. Tracey says:

    Congrats, what a cutie! We are counting down the days (12 more til due date!) for our little one. I love the photos to document growth over the first year, but I think there might be something even more tactile that will let you and your little one really “feel” how much she grew. Maybe hand and foot prints each month in 12 stepping stones that you can use in your yard?

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