Gwen’s Doll Carrier

I was so excited about how Josiah’s doll carrier turned out and curious about how my changes to the pattern would come together that I sewed up Gwen’s carrier yesterday.

I gave her a choice between two fabrics and she chose this floral bird fabric, a favorite of mine from JoAnn’s that  I get whenever it’s on sale or I have a coupon.  In fact, I used the same fabric for my first zippered pouch.  The other fabric she didn’t choose is another favorite of mine; I used it on her crayon roll and tooth pillow, among other things.

I had debated using a contrasting fabric for both the pocket and the straps, but in the end I used the same brown and white polka dot.  I think it goes nicely with the overall color scheme, especially since it matches the birds.

This time around I traced the pattern onto the back of my main fabric and cut around outside the lines.  Next, sewed the pocket on front of the main fabric  piece.  Then I stacked all three body pieces (interfacing, linen muslin for the reverse lining and patterned fabric), sewing right along the pattern line, leaving an opening in the bottom to attach the straps and an opening in the top for turning.  After making the straps I sewed those into the bottom, closing that hole.  Turned the whole thing right side out, ironed it flat, then topstitched.  I liked this method much better but still had some puckering with which to contend (I’m seriously considering squaring off some of those curves if I make it again!).  Also, since I sewed on top of the pattern line, rather than inside a seam allowance, the carrier itself ended up a bit bigger – which is just fine with me.  Oh… and not only do the pearl snaps look pretty, they work better than the velcro, and after making Gwen close her eyes so I could try Josiah’s carrier on her, decided they should be placed on the same side of the straps as the buttons.

I can’t wait to give these to the kiddos!  I decided to box them up with my old Popples and give them either on Valentine’s Day or Baby Sister’s birthday, whichever comes first.