Handmade Wooden Game Boards

Just wanted to show off some of hubby’s workmanship!  Not only is he a paid fireman, volunteer fireman and self-employed contractor, he loves to create things in his “spare” time.

When I started selling things at Small Circle, he thought it might be a neat idea to make some cribbage boards, since it’s his all-time favorite game.  Then he moved on to Last Man Standing, Mancala and Chinese Checkers.

He creates a template for each board, then cuts and hand-drills each element, sands them down and seals them – they’re beautiful!  The cribbage boards have a little drawer on the bottom that contain brass pegs, while the games containing marbles have re-purposed burlap drawstring bags that I sewed up just for him.

So far he’s made game boards from walnut, cherry and sapele, all of which are gorgeous.  My favorite, however, have to be the custom cribbage boards from cuts of local cedar (not pictured), the same place from which the cedar shavings for my sachets come.

He has been teaching the kids to play Mancala, a pretty easy game to learn, and they’ve been loving it.  There’s something so satisfying about the clink of the glass marbles as they’re dropped into the board!

If you’re interested in a custom game board, drop me a line – he’d be thrilled!