9 Months and Counting

Pregnancy does not last nine months, people, no matter what They say.  Forty weeks – you do the math.  What a cruel joke!  I feel much bigger this time around, like I have a huge, pointy bullet on the front of my body.  This, despite other women insisting I can’t possibly be due next month, and do I want to see pictures of their pregnancies?  It doesn’t help that one of the ladies trying to make me feel better was thinking of her own pregnant belly while carrying twins – both seven pounds at that.  Okay, you win – I’m not that big!

It’s been fun trying to figure out what to wear in the mornings.  As Nikki says, it’s like trying to keep clothes on a basketball!  The shirts ride up, the pants roll down – *sigh*  And I’m so clumsy!  My stomach bumps into things, I keep dropping things on the floor, looking like an idiot while expending all my energy leaning over to pick them up.  And cooking… my belly is a safety hazard!  Leaning over the griddle one night while making quesadillas, I thought – gosh, my belly feels warm.  Yup, it was bumping into the burner.  And I’m not getting any sleep, which is great practice for having a newborn in the house.

Every other pregnant woman I know will be un-pregnant before me!  Sarah, my friend from high school, just welcomed her baby boy last week (I need to see pictures!).  It’s nice being pregnant along with someone you know, and I really wanted to make her something.  I had some leftover flannel and chenille and sewed up a few baby wipes, since she also cloth diapers.  Then I decided to try something different – a baby bow tie!  I looked at a few different tutorials*, combining my favorite aspects of each of them.  I love how it turned out and hope she does, too.  Since the bow tie is probably supposed to fit an older baby-toddler, I made it more adjustable with some pearl snaps.

I also tried my hand at making some new plushies recently, including the mermaid for Sarah’s daughter so she would have a Big Sis gift.

I’m not crazy about the little birdies and how they came together, but I love the mermaiden and am hoping to make some more after I play around with the pattern a bit.

Since I was one week early with Gwen’s birth and three weeks early with Josiah’s,  I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I’ll go early again.  Is it bad that I’m only counting on being pregnant for another week?  Gotta pack my hospital bag!

*Bow Tie tutorials:
One Dog Woof’s Little Boy’s Bow Tie Tutorial
Salty Pineapple’s Bow Ties
Life is {Sew} Daily’s Bow Ties for Baby & Toddler
See Kate Sew’s Double Bow Tie Tutorial for Boys


5 thoughts on “9 Months and Counting

  1. Nichole says:

    I guess I risk annoying you but you *are* carrying small! You remember how I looked, right? He he. I got the opposite: “Oh my goodness! Are you going to the hospital?” “Um, no, I still have 2 more months to go.” *And*, with Liberty, I was considered late, so it was like 2 1/2 months to go!

    I also bumped into things. One time, I stabbed my stomach with a knife. I don’t even know how it happened but I remember thinking what a close call it was!

  2. Katey says:

    I know what it felt like to be pregnant for the 3rd time. I also felt “huge”. Jacob was almost 9lbs maybe that’s why? Anyways I personally think you look great, although I am sure you are ready to not be pregnant anymore! I haven’t announced yet but I am pregnant again too! Excited yet frightened. I am 15 weeks and already don’t know how I am going to manage the next 5 months -sigh- oh and here is a link to pics of Sarah’s newest baby http://www.sarahpudlo.com/2013/01/31/welcome-baby-will-newborn/
    xo, Katey

  3. Katey says:

    Lol – I actually pin them for the photography inspiration! I took some of a friend and I am doing another friend next month! :)

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