GwendyLicious Goodies

I’ve had to whip up some inventory for Small Circle since a bunch of my handmade items sold over the holiday season.  I’m psyched that I’m able to make a little profit from my hobby!  The orange spice wheat therapy bags and crayon rolls seem to be the heavy hitters, but some other things are selling here and there and every now and then I like to whip up something new to try and add to their shelves.

First, a batch of therapy bags – these guys are heavy with over two pounds of wheat berries, and they smell heavenly with their spicy orange smell.  I love putting together interesting fabric combinations, though I have to admit I gravitate towards the florals and geometrics.  Making recycled cardboard tags with fabric scraps is a fun little touch.

Another product I thought I’d try are these wishing wands.  I already had the dowels, paint and some felt sheets on hand, but I picked up a few more felt colors, sequins and glitter.  I found it easiest to hand-stitch the sequins on one of the stars, sew them up by machine, hand-stitch sequins on the opposite star, stuff it with fiberfill then hand-stitch the whole thing closed.  I love how they turned out and plan on making more in different colors – especially since the kiddos immediately wanted one for themselves.  The only thing I omitted was the pocket on the back.

After making the Princess and the Pea set for Gwen’s birthday, I made another fabric doll to sell.  Well, someone bought it and I’m delighted to think of a little girl somewhere treasuring that dolly!  I decided to make a couple more fabric dolls.  The picture is a bit dark, but I used the leftover yarn from the baby hats I made recently, so one of the dolls has purple hair – I love it!  I tried some different embellishments, like buttons on the dress and fabric circles in the hair.  After sewing everything up, I’d say the hardest part is figuring out what to do with the face.  I painted Gwen’s but chose to sew on fabric embellishments on the last one.  Embroidery is not my strong suit, so I stuck to painted faces again and love how they turned out – especially the sleeping doll!

And I finally got around to another project on my to-do list: fabric rosettes.  I had already cut up one of my bridesmaid’s skirts to make a scarf and used some more scraps – along with other re-purposed materials – to make some rosettes.  So far I’ve been turing them into pins, but for the smallest rose I made a baby headband for my little girl arriving next month (not soon enough!).  I ordered some elastic from SkinnyElastic by Bitsy Bands on Etsy and plan on cranking out some more in different colors and sizes.

Part of the reason for my mad dash in creating more goodies is that Whimsies, another local shop, contacted me hoping to stock some of my things.  Woo-hoo!  I’m trying not to drive myself too crazy keeping up with crafting, kiddos, homeschooling, all the while lugging around this huge belly and waddling like a penguin. Good times!

*I recently decided to re-vamp my lil’ craft website to showcase some of the more recent items I’ve been working on.  Check ‘er out!