Curtain Refashion

Recently we had to finish all the major projects around the house that were still incomplete in order to re-finance our mortgage.  Among other things, we tiled the area that will eventually be the entry way.  A while back we took the bifold doors off the coat closet and it has remained open, showcasing a closet full of coats, boots and other paraphernalia.

I love the look of curtains instead of closet doors and picked out a grey shade to match the grey lines in the floor and complement the steel blue of the walls.  The curtain in the longest length was on sale at Target, so I went with that, knowing I could hem it if need be.

Sure enough, it was way too long… but I didn’t want to cut into the fabric!  While looking at my gathered shower curtain, it dawned on me – I could use gathering stitches for a ruched look!  I went about five inches above the bottom of the curtain and made gathering lines, using the fold lines from the packaging as a guide.  It’s very simple and adds a bit of elegance.  I considered gathering the curtain at the top but didn’t feel like dealing with the rod pocket.  It was so simple, I’m definitely keeping this in mind for the future.