Capturing (most of) December & Happy New Year

Let’s face it, I would not do well with a 365-day photo challenge – I wasn’t even able to keep up with this one! I think I would be more inclined if I  had a better camera… and didn’t forget about taking pictures until bedtime.

25. Morning – The Opening of the Stockings after breakfast.

27. Night Time – The kiddos put a lot of thought into which movie they will choose.

30. Your Winter Wonderland – We got our first big snow and the kids were so excited, they woke up around 6 in the morning.  When Daddy came home they got all bundled up to play.

31. Fun – We had a very low-key New Year’s Eve, but we love lighting sparklers every year.

*Days 1-5
*Days 6-13
*Days 14-22

And like that, 2012 is over.  Am I a little late to the “Happy New Year!” party?  Well, Happy New Year!  I did my annual New Year’s interview with the kiddos; it’s always fun to see their answers.

This year we’re also starting a couple new things as a family…

Adding a new, simple mealtime blessing to our prayer repertoire just to mix things up.

Starting a gratitude jar where we will write down good things that happen throughout the year, going through them next New Year and remembering all of our blessings.

We anxiously await the arrival of our daughter next month – what changes that will bring! – and already plan on some new camping adventures starting in the Spring.  I can’t believe I’ll officially be homeschooling a Kindergartener next school year; filling out the paperwork and declaring out intent to the school district has me a bit nervous!

I’m not bothering with the whole resolutions thing; I think they’re far too overrated.  I do, however, believe in setting realistic goals and accomplishments for the future.  I hope to lose the baby weight and re-adopt a healthier lifestyle; I’ve made too many exceptions for holidays and special occasions and seriously need to get back on track.  I’m thrilled with the relationship I’ve made selling my handmade items at Small Circle and hope I can continue with this creative outlet.  I can’t wait to see what this year brings and am excited at its possibilities.