Capturing December – part 3

I’ve been somewhat busy and distracted this month and haven’t been on top of the December Photo Challenge.  I skipped a few days, either because I totally forgot or because the lighting was crap.


There’s something to be said for being unplugged, more present in the moment, but I’m getting behind on my homeschool FIAR posts and haven’t had a chance to share some of the holiday goodness we’ve been up to.  And Christmas is only two days away!

14. Christmas Tree – Our patchy little Charlie Brown Tree that we cut down from the yard.  Even though it’s not nice and bushy, I like how you can hang ornaments on the inside.

15. Favorite Holiday Song – “O Holy Night” is my all-time favorite song, no matter the version.  It gives me the chills every time I hear and sing it.

16. Outside Christmas Lights – We don’t go crazy with Christmas lights outside, and other than a lit wreath, this year I decided to wrap a tomato cage in lights.  I wanted to do a whole bunch of them but I couldn’t find an extension cord.

17. Presents – We’ve simplified Christmas so there aren’t a whole lot of packages under the tree, but these are a couple waiting to be delivered to friends.

19. Candy Cane – I rarely buy candy canes, and I used last year’s leftover package to make Peppermint Bark.

21. Peace – My in-laws have this funny story… they have two ornaments with their names on them and one year my father-in-law mistakenly put them on opposite sides of the tree.  My mother-in-law got offended, thinking it had some deeper meaning – was he mad at her?  what was wrong?  So now, if the ornaments are close together, the two of them are getting along.  Phil and I jokingly do the same thing with these penguin ornaments, so he made sure to put them close together.

22. Tradition – I can’t wait till Christmas morning, when I make Danish abelskiver!  My mom gave me my own pan last year, and though I sometimes make the little round pancakes throughout the year, I try to save it for the holiday.

*Days 1-5
*Days 6-13