Capturing December – part 2

Admittedly I skipped day six of the December Photo Challenge because I don’t ordinarily go shopping.  I suppose I could have just taken a picture of my computer since I like to shop online…

It’s been fun trying to think creatively about each item – in some instances thinking outside the box, in others just looking around at the ordinary day-to-day.

7.  Bright – the shining lights of our Charlie Brown Christmas tree.

8.  Ornaments – the yummy-smelling cinnamon ornaments we made with friends recently.

9.  Something You’re Reading – I’d really love to get into juicing and checked The Healthy Green Drink Diet out of the library.  The recipes look yummy and I think I’ll stick with blending right now so I don’t have to get an expensive juicer.

10.  Wrapping Paper – I wanted a simple way to wrap some gifts for the kiddos’ cousins and I used brown paper bags, wrapping paper, ribbon &reindeer tags.

11.  Green – so it’s more like blue-green, but I’m in love with the new teapot I got on sale.

12.  A Beautiful Sight – this could have been so many things, but yesterday we finally stopped by Small Circle so I could drop off more crayon rolls and I got to see all of my handmade things sprinkled around the shop.

13.  Family – I have weekly ultrasounds and today our little baby girl stuck her tongue out a few times and then gave a big grin; it was the sweetest thing!

*Days 1-5