Small Circle

I’m so excited that Small Circle is becoming such a success!  Since my car has been having problems I haven’t made the trip to see the store and have been anxiously awaiting word as to how my products were selling since the grand opening on November 1st.  Apparently my crayon rolls are a big hit – time to make more!

A few other things have sold – a few  cedar sachets, wheat berry heating pack and headband – and I’m hoping some of the other things will go!

My inventory listings expired on Etsy and I haven’t bothered re-listing them since there are listings and selling fees. *sigh*  Why is it so hard to make a buck these days?

If you’re local and have a chance, check out Small Circle located on Wickenden St. in Providence.  The owners are awesome and it sounds like they have lots of neat things on their shelves.  Buy local – buy handmade!  Great time to get some Christmas shopping done.

*UPDATE: Small Circle has since closed (big frowny face) so I’ve removed the links to their store.