Capturing December

I saw this December Photo Challenge on Pinterest and thought it would be neat to do.  Who knows if I’ll be able to keep up with it, especially since I often forget to take out my camera until the end of the day when the lighting – or lack thereof – does nothing for my pictures.

1. The View – the kiddos playing with their manger scene.

2. Favorite Holiday Movie – there are lots of holiday movies I love to watch, but one of my favorite oldies is “A Mom for Christmas” and we’ve been watching “The Grinch” with the kiddos every year.

3. Red – my Christmas cactus abloom.

4. Joyous – Josiah putting the star atop our Charlie Brown tree.

5. Today’s Temperature – it was actually quite warm today, despite a chilly breeze, so I got a snap of the sun as it was going down.