Twin Pics

Whenever my twin brother, Dan, and I get together we almost always try to take a twin picture.  Especially now that he lives in Florida near his wife’s family, we decided to get some twin pics in while they were staying with us over Thanksgiving week.

He and his wife Jenn are aspiring to do photography on the side, so it was good practice.  Some of them were silly and some more serious; I love how they turned out!  Incidentally, they also document my almost-7-month pregger belly.

Here are some more from over the years…

We don’t always remember to take pictures together – for instance, we didn’t get any at Thanksgiving or during the kiddos’ birthday party – but we have a pretty good track record.  For our 30th birthday I made him a photo album with pictures of us throughout the years.  I think he may have even shed a few tears!

I love being a twin!