A visit from the tooth fairy

I finished Gwen’s tooth pillow just in time… as about a week or so ago she lost her first tooth!  Can you believe it?  Before her fifth birthday!  According to the majority of the tooth charts out there, the typical age at which kids lose their first tooth is between six and seven.  I hope this doesn’t say anything about the rest of her development. *sigh*

Her bottom front tooth had been loose for a while, and one day she came out of her room exclaiming that she had taken out her tooth “by accident.”  She later told Daddy it was on purpose, hehe.  She excitedly wrote a little note to the tooth fairy – all she wanted to say was “my tooth came out” – and stuck it in the pocket, along with her tiny baby tooth. 

It was a fun little process, and that evening Phil snuck in her room and replaced it with a golden dollar coin.  In the morning we excitedly awaited her discovery of the gold coin… only to find out she didn’t even look!  We curiously asked her about it and she was so unenthusiastic I remarked that we were more excited about it than she.  Finally, she found the gold coin and showed it to us without so much as a smile.  Huh. 

Gwen doesn’t always show her true feelings, as I’m learning, and as we’ve been ramping up towards Thanksgiving and talking about things for which we are thankful, on more than one occasion she has mentioned the Tooth Fairy. 

Now she has another loose tooth.  Oh joy.