Fleece Soaker Undies

I forgot to show y’all the fleece soaker undies I made around the same time as the wool soakers and longies for the new baby.  I used the same great pattern and cut the pieces from two fleece receiving blankets I had lying around, also making an extra layer in the wet zone.  One was a striped blanket, the other a pale blue, and as you can see I put the two together to make two pairs with alternate trim. 

Since fleece doesn’t fray I didn’t have to stress about the seams, which was nice.  When they were finished, I loved how they looked – but I thought they looked huge!  Well, since fleece isn’t stretchy, they ended up being just the right size – snug to pull up, but a great fit once they were on.

I’ve been a bit disappointed that Josiah has been having some potty setbacks; my mom wasn’t surprised and told me boys especially can have these problems so I guess it’s par for the course.  Since there have been quite a few mornings – or naptimes – he wakes up wet I thought these might do the trick.  He likes wearing them and doesn’t want to take them off in the morning!  I even resorted to taking out some of our old BumGenius pocket diapers, and he even seems excited to use them.  What gives?  Doesn’t he want to be a Big Boy?  It doesn’t really seem to bother him.