FIAR – How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World

One of the benefits of homeschooling is the ability to be flexible. So even though I feel behind schedule, we ended up “rowing” this book over two weeks since the first week was so busy.  I really enjoyed this story, too, so I wanted to give it due diligence.

Geography/History/Social Studies
This is a really fun story about a girl who states how easy it is to make an apple pie by mixing all the ingredients together and baking it; all you need to do is go to the market.  Unless, of course, the market is closed…  She then proceeds to go all around the world in seach of the finest, freshest ingredients for her pie. 

Because of her trip around the world we had a fun time with geography, pointing out all the locations on the globe and briefly discussing each one.  We capitalized on Vermont, where she stops for the apples, and read a little bit about the other things for which Vermont is famous – such as maple syrup.  We used little story cards during the story and Gwen had to put them in order – cards for the locations, ingredients and modes of transportation.  It was really fun and both kiddos enjoyed using the cards.

Gwen gets the Higlights for Kids magazine and I saved a game and laminated the pieces from one she got last year.  It went along nicely with the story, since it involves packing a suitcase.  You have to find all the pieces that match the items in your suitcase to win. 

Language Arts

Since the whole story is rather humorous – even the pictures are silly and imaginative – we did a fun activity called Silly Sentences.  The kiddos picked a sentence, rolled a dice and had to pick a pair of adjectives from the corresponding envelope to finish the sentence.  They had a blast with this and we played it a few times throughout the week.  The kiddos also made A is for Apple As with construction paper; I had to try really hard to let them cut the shapes themselves and no insist on stem-shaped stems, leaf-shapes leaves and tear-dropped shaped seeds! 

Fine Arts

The kiddos love their pretend play and I whipped up a batch of apple pie-scented playdough for them to use with mini tart tins and beads for “apples.”  They played with this for a while and got beads everywhere, of course.  While using the playdough I had them make letter As using some playdough mats and letter coloring pages put inside page protectors. 

I’m a bit sad that we never did anything Autumn-y this year – no corn mazes, hayrides or apple-picking *sigh* – but we did go to a nearby farm and choose some of the produce from their farmstand.  The kiddos picked out mini pumpkins and I chose a sugar pumpkin to make puree for muffins, pancakes and so forth.  We also got some apples to use for our apple pie. 

I found this neat book called Apple Fractions, and while much of it was too advanced for the kiddos, I used it as a springboard for discussing fractions while cutting up apples for our pie.  The kiddos helped me cut the apples and measure the ingredients, and we made a yummy rustic pie (no pie pan needed – yay!). 

Even though I’m trying to limit the amount of printables and extra resources we have to use, I did look around for apple-themed activities.  We had a nice chart that shows different kinds of apples, and while I’m not familiar with all the varieties, I was surprised that the common  Granny Smith was not listed.  We read some stories and the kiddos worked on Life Cycle of an Apple cards then labeled the parts of an apple.


I took advantage of the fruit theme and did a lesson on the Fruits of the Spirit.  I found a simple devotional for small children and, in addition to fun printables, we did one fruit of the spirit a day.  Gwen did a minibook and traced each word as we learned them, the kiddos had to color the fruit of the day and paste it into the fruit basket, and playing the game involved applying the fruits of the spirit to a specific situation (e.g. how can you show patience if your brother or sister won’t share his or her toys?).     

In addition to our weekly Bible story the kids have been memorizing their AWANA verses.  So far Gwen has memorized up to four verses!  

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Go-Along Books

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