A Few Projects

I’m getting some projects crossed off my list! 

Each of my babies have had blankies; I think they make great security objects and if they’re small enough they’re nice and portable.  I would sleep with them to get my scent on them so it was more soothing to the baby. 

For Gwen, we started off with the blankie that came with her Prince Lionheart womb sounds bear, then I ordered some spares.  Josiah’s Auntie got him the Angel Dear owl blankie, and I wish I had gotten the set of three so I wouldn’t have to stress about losing it!  We’ve come close a number of times but have always retrieved it – phew!  This time around I considered another set of the Angel Dears – there are so many to choose from, perhaps the zebra? – or the popular Aden + Anais muslin Issie Security Blankets, but like I almost always do before buying something I figured, I can make that.

A while back I bookmarked a tutorial for the Luxe Lovey and I finally got the supplies for it.  There weren’t many minky material options at my local fabric store aside from the solid colors, but I did find this pretty, soft turquoise animal print.  I paired it with a bright pink satin edging and love how it turned out.  It was a bit of a pain to sew it together with the ribbon because I gathered the ribbon too tightly and didn’t have as much leeway when pinning it on, but the final result is a winner.  I got a half yard of the fabric – on sale! – and have made two blankies so far with plans for a third, all cut and ready.  I have some extra fabric, not quite big enough for the lovey’s dimensions – any ideas what to do with it?

After making an elf hat for the new baby I knew I wanted to make another – perhaps try a different pattern?  I love browsing Etsy for inspiration and fell in love with Tricky Knits‘ beautiful baby items, specifically the unique Criss Cross Hat and adorable Dashing Through the Snow Pixie Hat.  Then I read in the description that the creator has authored a knitting book, which I promptly got from the library… and whipped up my own Criss Cross hat!  It’s a lovely pattern using bulky yarn, and although I messed up a few times since I made it while watching a movie, you can’t even tell.  I’d love to try another with looser stitches for a more open, obvious weave, but I love how mine turned out.

And lastly – something not for baby, surprisingly – I finally got around to making a pillow cover for one of our couch pillows.  It used to have a lovely, vintage flower-embroidered cover, but when I washed it all the colors ran and it looked horrible.  So, the naked pillow has been sitting on my couch, just staring back at me.  Since I have a whole pile of hand-me-down t-shirts I decided to make a ruffled t-shirt pillow.  I used the bottom part of two tees with the hem to make the overlapping section in back, and sewed gathered 1.5″ strips in the front. 

I love when things come together nicely!