Spread Your Wings

This week has been a busy one.  I go back and forth between what’s best for the family – taking it easy at home or getting out and about and experiencing The World.  I’m sure it’s one of those Finding the Right Balance kind of things, but there are times when it seems to sway too far in one direction.

Monday it was my birthday – happy birthday to me!  We were out all morning, having breakfast at Cracker Barrel with the fam, getting my annual box of truffles at Sweet Twist (and getting some gift shopping done) and grocery shopping.  We did a bit of school but we haven’t touched anything else academic so far this week.

I took a picture to document my ever-growing belly and to show off my casual-yet-slightly-dressy outfit.  I love the shirt, which I got at a secondhand store.  I love cowl necks and it’s nice and drapey across my midsection.  I’m not generally crazy about stripes, but it’s a nice pattern and the bluish-grey color is flattering.  It is a matternity top, but I’ll so use it even after I have the baby.  The black cardigan was from the same store, only a couple bucks; it’s a very flattering fit, although I was chagrined when it shrunk in the washing machine!  I air-dried it, stretching it while it was still damp, and it seems to have gone back to it’s original size.  The tiered necklace was a dollar score from a charity church sale earlier this year when we went to a May breakfast.  And the pants?  Just some hand-me-down maternity jeans. 

Tuesday the kiddos spent the whole day with their grandparents while Phil and I did some work at his aunt’s house.  I ended up staining a shed; I’m still sore all over from holding the paint can the whole time, climbing the ladder, reaching high, squatting down, basically exercising for a few hours straight!  And I later discovered that I got a nasty swollen bruise across my entire thigh from pushing around furniture the previous day. 

Gwen goes with her grandma one day a week to a Bible study where they also have a kids’ program, so Josiah spent the day with Daddy while I went to my weekly ultrasound (baby’s looking good – phew!).  In the afternoon I finally got to work on Gwen’s butterfly wings; I was so excited to see them come together! 

I loosely followed Rachel @ Clean’s tutorial for dyeing playsilks, but didn’t bother with the stovetop.  I used three packets of grape Kool-Aid for the middle of the wings and one packet of black cherry plus two packets of pink lemonade for the outer edges.  I also tried dyeing the elastic, but it came out very faint.  When I sewed the gathering stitches the thread started bunching up underneath the silk and I got really frustrated, because I didn’t want holes in the fabric.  I kept playing with the tension and it finally worked.  I love how they turned out and can’t wait for Gwen to see them!  Josiah was kind enough to model them for me.

Today the kiddos are with their meme, so I’m working on my list of projects and cleaning up the house.  I’m always more ambitious than time allows!  Tomorrow I want to take the kids to get apples and pumpkins – something Autumn-y – and in the evening they have AWANA.  This weekend we hope to go to the Harvest Johnny Cake Festival, which is right near us.

Never a dull moment.