Crafting for Baby and Building a Wool Stash

I’m so excited… now that I know that we’re having a girl, I can be a bit more focused in my baby crafting.  Shortly after I found out I was pregnant I upcycled some tees into some newborn undies, just like I did for the rest of the family.  I’m hoping to try elimination communication from the start and figured it couldn’t hurt to have these on hand.  And hey, they were free!  Since I have so many hand-me-down t-shirts I may make a few more.

I love Katrina’s patterns – they’re versatile and can be used for both undies and fleece or wool soakers.  In fact, when I decided that I was going to try wool for diapering this time around, I decided to upcycle some sweaters into soakers and longies (new ones can be really pricey).

I already had a beautiful, pink cashmere sweater that somehow got holes in it; it was laying around for the longest time because I didn’t want to throw it away and I didn’t know what to use it for.  I got another merino wool sweater at a secondhand store for a few bucks; it’s a men’s x-large or something so it’s quite big.  They were simple to whip up and I put an extra soaker layer in the wet zone.

Since I have quite a bit of wool left I decided to make a pair of longies with another of Katrina’s patterns; I forgot to add the seam allowance and I messed up on the waist, but I think it came out really well.  I’ll probably make some bigger soakers then see how much material I have left.

Is it weird that I’m excited about all this diapering stuff?  There’s just something so fulfilling about doing something healthy and natural for your baby, and wool has long been used for it’s beneficial properties.  Since most of my stash consists of one-size covers – which can be bulky on a newborn – I decided to add some smaller wool items.  In addition to the handmade items, I used some of my Etsy earnings to score some sweet secondhand deals on DiaperSwappers (DS): NB/SM Loveybums wool jersey cover (I was thrilled when I discovered that Loveybums is a family-owned business from the state next door), S Sugar Peas double-knit wool cover (these look very trim), S/M Clover wool wrap diaper cover (these look uber-adjustsable; because they’re inbetween sizing I’ll most likely get more use out of them), brand new one-size Tetro wool diaper cover (this is the only one-size item I purchased; I love how it adjusts and even though it was brand new it was being sold for a lot less) and two pairs of wool interlock longies (which can be used as their own cover).  If you have experience with wool diapering I’d love to hear about it.

I wasn’t very successful at my attemps to make fitted diapers – but practice makes perfect!  I forget which tutorial I used – I’ve bookmarked so many! – but I turned a prefold into a fitted, which should fit nicely under the covers.  There are a couple other things I may try, like upcycling t-shirts into “daddy flats” and buying some bamboo fabric to make my own terry flats (like these).  *Check out my Eco-Friendly and Sewing for Babies Pinterest boards for more ideas and inspiration.

It’s been so long since I’ve picked up the knitting needles, but since I finished my sewing projects for Small Circle opening next month – yay!!! – I wanted a change of pace.  When I made a couple elf hats, I knew would want to make one if I had another baby – and now I have the chance!  It turned out more gender-neutral than I intended, but you can see bits of pink and purple in there.  Knitting takes longer than sewing, but if I have the time I would love to knit another in different colors, or perhaps try a different pattern (just check out all the patterns I have bookmarked!).

Since Gwen and Josiah are both November babies, it feels like I should be almost done with this pregnancy… but then I remember I will be pregnant all winter!  *sigh*  I should have time for a few more projects.  Here’s what’s on my list:

And on my immediate project table are butterfly wings for Gwendolyn and her “Princess and the Pea” gift set (I’ve already made the doll and just need to finish the mattresses) – I’m so excited!  Here’s my inspiration:


3 thoughts on “Crafting for Baby and Building a Wool Stash

  1. Sarah -simply mommies says:

    Eeeeek! SO cute! I’m totally excited to cloth right from the start this time. In planning to just use prefolds for the newborn stage until he grows into my OS pockets. I just thought of this now but i probably shouldnt buy any newborn size clothes since the peefolds are so bulky. Hmm..I just realized that now. How many prefolds do you think I need? 3 dozen enough?

    Im excited and January cant get here fast enough. I don’t know what to do with a boy though…can’t make him any headbands! lol

    • karlamcurry says:

      I haven’t actually used cloth right from the newborn stage so I have no idea! I have a whole bunch of prefolds already – got ’em on DiaperSwappers and used them with Josiah – but they’re bigger sized so I’d like to make some smaller flats so they won’t be as bulky. I’ll probably try to recycle some material so I’m not spending more money.

      Just like adult clothing, certain brands of baby clothes fit differently. I think I remember Gymboree being rather small and Carter’s being roomier, but I can’t remember about other brands. Obviously stretchy pants will be more roomy, but you may as well start with 3mos clothing (I’d rather they be a bit big, anyway, especially in the colder months).

      I just went through Gwen’s bin of nb-6mos clothing because I couldn’t remember what I had, then I added a bunch of the gender-neutral items that were in Josiah’s baby bin, so it looks like I’ll be all set!

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