I can’t believe I’m twenty weeks pregnant.  In some respects, when you’re pregnant it feels like an eternity… yet it seems like just yesterday I found out I was pregnant at only 5 weeks along. 

Since I already had creative pregnancy announcements with Gwen and Josiah (Gwen wore a big sister t-shirt) I didn’t go overboard this time around, instead making a picture for Phil and sharing it with the family.  I don’t make a big deal of my pregnancies, though I’ve been happy and excited about each one. 

Since I have high-risk pregnancies we get to anticipate weekly ultrasounds, starting this month.  People always ask if we are going to find out the baby’s gender, and though surprises are nice a) I like to be prepared and b) we’ll get so many chances to look we might as well just find out!              

I really liked the idea of a gender reveal cake because, hey, I like cake!  I knew there was no way we’d be getting the whole family together for an actual cake anytime soon, and if I made one for our family, guess who would eat the whole thing?  Seriously, my butt doesn’t need to get any bigger.  Instead, I’ll share dash of EAST’s sweet and simple gender reveal cake, because they’re having the same thing we are!

credit: dashofeast.com

See, there’s the beautiful cake.  But, what’s inside?  Ooh, the suspense is killing me!  Let me say that Gwendolyn was very excited to hear what we were having; she didn’t want to keep it a secret and I’m surprised everyone doesn’t know about it already.

Dude, I really just want to eat some of that cake…

credit: dashofeast.com

It’s a girl!


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    • karlamcurry says:

      I figured you were having a “blue” one. :) You must be excited, too! Now you get to hear people tell you to stop having kids because you have one of each. Been there!

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