A Handful of Beach Keepsake Ornament

When Phil and I were on Nantucket recently we had fun looking around in some of the shops. Whenever I’m out – especially without the kids – I take advantage and browse for gifts or inspiration.  I tend to look at something and think, “I bet I can make that.” 

In one of the cheesy kitschy tourist shops there was a glass ornament filled with sand and shells with “Nantucket” written on the outside.  I thought it would be a neat little keepsake… then remembered I still had glass ornaments from the invitation ornaments I made.

While we were eating lunch on one of the Nantucket beaches I scooped up some sand in a disposable drink cup, hunted for seashells, then toted them home with me (of course, they spilled in my bag but it was somewhat contained).  When I got home I simply dumped the contents into the glass ornament. 

I’m not crazy with how the glitter glue writing turned out, but I love the ornament nonetheless.  I wrapped some twine-like string around the cap but am still undecided if I like the color so I haven’t glued it on or anything; I think I would prefer a natural-colored twine.  The sand makes it pretty heavy, so I super-glued the cap on and have it sitting on a shelf, rather than hanging somewhere – just in case!



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