Monster Mending

What is it with little boys and holes in their pants?  Gwen likes to play outside just as much as Josiah does, and she manages to keep her clothes in relatively good condition.  In Josiah’s defense, he does get some of Gwen’s neutral hand-me-downs, so perhaps they’re a little worse for the wear. 

In any case, when I saw this cute method for turning holes in jeans into monster knees, I knew I had to try it on a pair of Josiah’s worn jeans.  I was a bit disappointed that the pant legs were way too tiny to put under the sewing machine as my hand-sewing skills aren’t the greatest, but being sloppy with your stitches only adds to charm to the lil’ guy.

I don’t have much flannel fabric, so I opted for some scrap pieces of cotton and felt and used different colored embroidery thread.  When the kiddos saw the jeans they were delighted at the face… but the next day Josiah was a bit scared to put them on.  I told him the monster would protect his leg (or, at least, the right one).

It’s just so cute, I would almost welcome more holes in the knees of his pants.  Almost.