Coming to a store near you…

Well, as long as you live in RI, that is. 

I’m so excited that my handmade items will be in a brick and motar building by the end of the year!  A lovely lady saw my shop on Etsy and contacted me about making some things for a local, handmade boutique that will be opening in Providence this November.  She gave me an idea of what kind of inventory they’d be looking for so I’ve started whipping up things here and there.

Before I made some of the bigger items I wanted to get some sew-in labels.  I finally placed an order on Etsy and am anxiously awaiting for them to arrive in the mail.  I have some lovely fabric picked out for crayon rolls, clothespin aprons and therapy bags and can’t wait to start sewing them up.

For the smaller things – like cup cozies, headbands and sachets – I decided to make some hang tags.  I browsed around to get some ideas before getting supplies and finally settled on the end result, which I love – cardstock, fabric scraps and pear-shaped safety pins.  My sister – who has her own web design company – helped me with the unique, funky logo and I love it.

And though it wasn’t on my official project list, one of the sewing projects I pinned on Pinterest recently was this changing pad with pocket.  It will be great to tuck in my bag when #3 comes along!  The original tutorial is here, but I liked the version with quilting and wrist strap. 

I used up the last of my cotton chenille, gorgeous bold flower fabric and some vintage ribbon on the wrist strap.  Honestly, the quilting was a pain – for some reason I can’t figure the tension out on my machine; sometimes the bobbin thread shows through, but if I adjust it the tiniest bit the opposite happens. *sigh*  I did get to practice mitered corners with the binding, but the biggest pain was binding around the rounded the edges and having enough to cover the back.  After sewing it all up there were a few spots where the binding wasn’t sewn down, so I just went back over it and actually like the effect because it adds more quilting contrast to the front.  I chose a funky plastic button for the closure; I had been saving it for something special!