Mommy Necklace

I love when my friends make wish lists – it makes it so much easier to shop for them, or at least get an idea of their current tastes and interests.  Every now and then I check and see what’s been added – sometimes I may actually have the desired item to pass on and other times I find it on sale. 

When I noticed that Nikki wanted a Mommy Necklace, I figured – I can make one of those!  Of course, it would figure that most of my stash includes glass beads, whereas the mommy necklaces are made of acrylic beads.  And unless you shop on Etsy or go to a specialty store, you’re hard-pressed to find acrylic beads that don’t look like they were made for kids’ crafts.  It was hard at first to narrow down all the delicious color combinations, but once I chose the beads I liked it wasn’t too hard to pick a theme. 


Now, finding the donut bead pendants was another story.  There were none to be had and I couldn’t find the color I wanted on Etsy… until I finally happened upon EcoBeads Tagua.  I fell in love with their Lime Green Tagua Rings but figured the color might be too bright and the holes too small.  The Chocolate Brown Tague Rounded Rings were another consideration (I love the rich color!) but I finally settled on the Blue Green Donuts since the color was perfect.

Since I picked out quite a few bead styles and had a couple on hand, it took a while working out a suitable pattern.  I love how it turned out and hope Nikki (and baby Liberty!) likes it.  


I may have extra to make another mommy necklace, maybe for my Etsy shop?
***EDIT: I ended up making two of these, so this one is for sale!