Father’s Day Gift Ideas

If you’re anything like me, you prefer to have your gifts wrapped and ready as far in advance as possible.  Or at least have some sort of clue as to what you’re looking for before the day arrives. *grin*

I like to keep a gift list with names of friends and family members, suggestions for each of them and where I might find them (online or otherwise) and what I already have put away in my gift cabinet.

Buying for men can be especially challenging, in my opinion.  The things they want are often expensive, too specific in that I would worry about getting the wrong item,  and most definitely boring (tools, ugh). 

So while I don’t have them figured out, here is a list of Father’s Day (or guy-friendly) gift ideas I’ve gradually compiled.

Grill Spatulas from patinastores.com

Tool Pen Set from karmakiss.net

Chalkboard Mug, a DIY from witandwhistle.com

Switchblade Pocket Comb on Amazon

Daddyland Coupon Book printable from family.go.com

Jar of Peanut M&Ms for nutty but sweet DAD {dead link}

A&Wesome Dad printables from nothingbutcountry.com

Men’s toiletry kit, a sewing tutorial from thecottagehome.blogspot.com

To The Greatest Day I Ever SAW card,
from thatartistwoman.blogspot.com

Cute idea for a DIY t-shirt or tie
credit: saecca.wordpress.com

Greatest Dad coloring diploma
from activityvillage.co.uk

This year I plan on using a couple of the above ideas in conjunction with some necessity gifts (when you need a $300 power tool around Father’s Day, it kind of becomes your Father’s Day gift).  Since I had a discount code, Grandpa will be getting a Paper Coterie album and I took advantage of the free shipping and 30% off code at Cardstore for Father’s Day cards.   

*See my Guy Gifts Pinterest board for more inspiration.


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