Sexy, Slimming, Flattering… too-small-for-me bathing suit for sale

*UPDATE: Happily, I sold this bathing suit and am awaiting the arrival of a size 14 in turquoise blue.   

I was so excited when I checked the mail this afternoon – the package with my new bathing suit had arrived!  I don’t normally get excited about bathing suits… er, I mean, I don’t ever get excited about bathing suits… but this one was actually flattering.

See all that wrapping and shirring and hiding of the hips?  It’s a Jantzen Vamp Maillot 1-Piece Swimsuit, size 12.  Unfortunately… I should have ordered a size larger. *sigh*  So, I have this beautiful new bathing suit that I can’t use and can’t return since I bought it off eBay. 

I do love this style and am hoping to get a larger size if and when this one sells.  If by chance you love this bathing suit I thought I’d let you know: it’s for sale!  I have an ebay listing now, in case you’re interested.