Gwen’s New Dress-Up Station

Gwen loves to play dress-up and does so at least once a day.  I’ve organized her array of costumes and accessories a number of times – from storing everything in my grandmother’s old trunk to hanging them on a rack and storing items in fabric bins on shelves

I loved the look of the trunk at the foot of her bed, but she had a habit of throwing everything in there willy-nilly and the kiddos would slam the lid shut, which I was afraid would one day render them fingerless.  I’m always trying to find The Perfect Solution!

Hello, Pinterest, I love your ideas!  I had seen different versions of dress up stations but when I saw this I knew we had a winner.  And as luck would have it, we just so happened to have an old bureau in the basement. 

Phil removed all the drawers except one on the bottom, fixed the top that was broken, put beadboard on the inside and painted it all white, painted the inside and drawer face purple, then put a rod on the inside for hanging clothes.  I wanted to change the drawer pulls but he hadn’t bothered to fill the original holes so I just went along with it.  

I love the results and want to add hooks or knobs to the side for hanging things like her dancing ribbons and jewelry, maybe a mirror like in the inspiration photo.  When it was done I couldn’t wait to organize the contents!  Phil told me I had to wait until after dinner.

Now, what to do with all those extra drawers…


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