A Buttload of Undies for Gwen

While sewing up some undies for myself, Gwen asked if I was making any for her.  I said that I would and she insisted on pink and purple.  Well, I didn’t have those colors, but I used some of the repurposed white fabric from Josiah’s undies along with the elastic I used on mine and chose pink and green thread for fun.

I love how they turned out! 

She refused to wear them because “white is boring.” 

I found a few more baby blankets I held onto, not wanting to give them away just yet.  I used a cute pink and white giraffe blanket and got about eight pairs of undies for Gwen.  She loves the little giraffes and asked to “dress up” in the undies as soon as I had finished the first pair.  They fit her really well!

I’m horrible at math and measurements, scaling down or writing my own patterns, but I did find a pattern for 2T/3T Big Girl Underwear, to which I added 1/2″ all around and changed a bit to sew up like the ones I made for myself. 


Since I had already made a few pairs they whip up pretty quickly, but I will say I’ve been frustrated with my sewing machine.  When the fabric doesn’t slide smoothly or the thread bunches up underneath I’m not sure if I should change pressure, tension, needle, thread… *sigh*  And the zigzag stitch has been inconsistent; it won’t stay on the chosen setting and periodically skips.  Also, I accidentally got universal ballpoint needles as opposed to ballpoint; I didn’t realize there was a difference but I guess there is.  So, the size 16 needle that was on my machine when I started using it – and has been on there for who knows how long – is getting used for almost all of my projects.  It hasn’t given me problems like the new pack I bought recently; I guess they really don’t make things like they used to. 

I made a couple more pairs of undies for Josiah, too, using up the rest of the farm blanket I chose for him.  I finally settled on what is – for me – the easiest and nicest looking method for his undies.

Just like before, I used Katrina’s Quick Soaker Pattern pieces.  If you’re using a non-directional fabric you can cut the front and back all in one piece, but after making his first pair I decided I wanted the print to face up on both sides so I cut them out separately and sewed them together, doing a flat felled seam in the middle to make it neat and comfy inside.  Since he still has accidents, I added an extra layer in the middle and zigzagged it in place.  

The leg holes are done bias-tape style, matching raw edges on front, right sides together, then folding it over the back.  I use the measurements from the pattern, stretching the material slightly as I pin, making sure there’s some overlap at the ends.  To make it nice and neat on front, you stitch-in-the-ditch all the way around, making sure to catch the underside. 

Side seams are next.  I usually sew with 1/4″ – 3/8″ allowance, but for flat felled seams I like to do closer to 1/2″ to make sure I have enough to fold over.  This looks nice and neat on both the inside and outside and there are no raw edges to contend with. 

I did a couple pairs with elastic at the waist but like the look of folded over fabric best.  This is done the same way as the leg holes, bias-tape style, making sure to stretch as you pin so the waist is nice and snug.  On the overlapping ends I folded one of the raw edges under and encased the other inside before folding it over to stitch-in-the ditch. 

His underwear uses up more fabric because of all the trim pieces, but I may try some fold over elastic in the future.


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    • karlamcurry says:

      Thanks! I wish I had learned to sew earlier, trying to find undies for my EC-ing 1-year-old. It’s so nice to figure out how to do things for yourself.

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