I can’t believe I’m sewing underwear

I was determined to make another pair of undies after my first attempt.  Once again I used Indigo Orchid’s pattern, although this time I used the next size up in case I needed to create any seams. 

Using a pair of jersey pants that have since started getting worn around the edges and hole-y in the waistband, I made two pairs of undies for myself.  I love how they turned out!  I will admit to being stumped each time I attach the crotch gusset in indigo orchid’s sewing underwear, the basics.  Rolling the pieces inside makes sense but when I unfold it I always get one piece of the main part inside out. *sigh*  Yay for seam rippers.  

Just like I do with recipes, once I attempt a pattern, I’m ready to make it my own.  I took her suggestion to make a flat felled seam on the side seams, which makes it look nice and smooth.  I ordered some elastic trim from Fabulace on Etsy and used it for the leg openings, following the tutorial (which confused me at first then made sense once I went along).  I didn’t even bother pinning, which cut down on time.

I didn’t have elastic lace trim for the waist, so I decided to use regular elastic, another suggestion in the extras part of the tutorial.  I cut my 1/2″ elastic in half, zigzag-stitched it to the waist on the wrong side, folded it over, and zigzag-stitched it again.  Nothing fancy, but it works just fine.

I’m so proud of myself!  I like them better than my store-bought undies; the green-edged pair is my favorite.


Onto the kiddos!  I’ve wanted some more undies for Josiah for a while now but just don’t feel like buying them.  So I figured, why not try to make him a pair?  I’ve pinned a number of tutorials and started with Home Sweet Homebodies’ Easy-On Potty Training Pants pattern and tutorial.  I wasn’t crazy with how it all came together because of the different pieces, though I love how hers turned out!

I had already downloaded Katrina’s Quick Soaker Pattern, and when I saw The Sitting Tree’s upcycled t-shirt underwear using this pattern I decided to give it a go.  I went with the large size for Josiah (with the medium size extra protection layer), using grey scraps leftover from making my undies for the leg and waistbands and some jersey material from an old baby blanket for the main section. 

This one was easier to put together and I love how it turned out; I made the felled seams with these, too, but I still wasn’t too crazy about how the bands get sewn on.  I decided to get creative with the second pair, sewing the legbands on like bias tape (which I became familiar with while making the clothespin aprons) and making the waistband with a foldover like mine. 


I think I’m narrowing down the process! I was pleasantly surprised how easy the legholes were… but realized a) I should have done it before sewing up the side seams, and b) when doing the trim that way you’re supposed to sew the right sides together first (the nice, neat sides are now on the inside, d’oh!).  I haven’t tried the white ones on him so I’m not sure how the waist is; I may end up going back to waist trim like the green one but we’ll see how it fits.

He was excited to wear the tractor undies and they fit nicely!


Gwen was excited when I told her I might try and make her some new undies.  “Pink and purple, alright?”

Dude, I can’t believe I’m sewing underwear.


8 thoughts on “I can’t believe I’m sewing underwear

  1. Nichole says:

    Those look sooooo comfy! I wouldn’t complain if I got homemade underwear for my birthday — purple, please. ;) Just sayin’.
    I just got a new machine since my other one kept messing up and I couldn’t get anything done. I don’t know if I could ever be this handy (and you mastered it so quickly!) but I want to try to hem some curtains first. Want to get together and sew sometime?

    • karlamcurry says:

      The second time I made some undies – and in purple, no less! – I did the waistband differently and I’m not as happy with them. I’ll have to try again. I just got a whole slew of old t-shirts so I have plenty of material. The ones I made the kids are starting to tear a bit, and I think it’s because I didn’t use ballpoint needles – I was SO disappointed. Sometimes I encounter problems with my machine, but for not having had any sort of maintenance in YEARS it’s doing well. Hemming is super-simple; I’d love to get together and sew! I’m still learning and get really frustrated when I encounter problems. You just have to sit down and spend some quality time with it. :) Just like any good relationship, I suppose. :)

        • karlamcurry says:

          It really depends. Sometimes I work on stuff during the day, as long as they’re pretty well occupied, otherwise they’ll come over and bug me and try to “help.” I find it easiest to sew during naptimes and after they’ve gone to bed.

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