More {natural, non-candy} Easter Ideas

I was feeling a bit bummed about my lack of Easter goodies for the kiddos even though we’ve been determined to go easy on the presents.  At first I was like, Those crayon rolls are awesome, they don’t need anything else!    And it’s true, they don’t need anything else and they’ll probably get goodies from the grandparents… but I still love spoiling my family on special occasions!

After sharing some of my Easter pinspirations the other day I found a few more ideas that I got excited about.  I haven’t taken any pictures because I’m still putting them together [even though I should be in bed], but I wanted to share in case you’re still scrounging for ideas.   

The other day we were working on 2 Teaching Mommie’s The 12 Days of Easter unit and on day 4 we used bubbles as a metaphor for our prayers going up to heaven.  We didn’t have any bubble solution leftover from last Summer, so I had to open up some new packages that I had put away in my gift cabinet.  They were originally given to the kids but they had these big plastic cartoon figure wands and I didn’t really care for them.  And they don’t even work very well. 

Fast forward to today, trying to think of what other trinkets I can make for the kids, and it hits me – bubble wands and bubble solution!


I love Kleas’ homemade bead and wire bubble wands, which I’m using as inspiration to bedazzle some wire bent into shapes (a heart for Gwen and a star for Josiah).


I’m pairing the wands with Under the Sycamore’s diy experiment of “the world’s best bubbles,” tinted pink for Gwen and blue for Josiah (though since the dishwashing liquid I used was green, Gwen’s is orangey and Josiah’s is greenish). 


These sleepy bunny goody bags from Probably Actually were so stinkin’ cute and looked so easy to put together – especially since there’s a free template to download – I knew I had to make ’em for the kiddos.  The ones I made each contain a little bag of colors-of-faith jelly beans, but other than that they’re pretty empty.  I was going to put the bubble wands inside until I decided to make the bubble solution, too, so now I’ll probably tie those together.   


If I had thick enough felt I would have been all over these Super Simple Felt Easter Baskets from Purl Bee.  Even the filling is felt!  There’s always next year…


Yesterday I was out running errands looking for some last-minute holiday items.  I can never find what I need right away, but of course I always see something I can use and end up buying other stuff.  I was excited when I saw a whole bunch of Tovolo ice pop molds; I’ve had a set on my Amazon wish list for a while now and scored the rocket molds (in red) for $7!  Homemade popsicles, here we come!


2 thoughts on “More {natural, non-candy} Easter Ideas

  1. eliminationcommunication says:

    I hear that “joy” dishwashing liquid makes the best bubbles. I’m undecided though if I want to buy that or my earth friendly one to make bubbles for my DD. I may have to try it out first with the eco stuff :)

    • karlamcurry says:

      I wasn’t too crazy about the bubbles mine made; I think I used Palmolive, whatever I had on hand. The bubbles pop right away, although the ones that last tend to get big, which is cool. I think maybe it’s too watery and I need to add more soap.

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